Last Update: 06-02-2024
Registration for the swimmeet can be done untill the 20.00 the 17th June 2024 by using the following Registrationform.
In the end of the form you will get an option to upload you SPLASH/Lenex-file and also a PDF File.
After completing and sending the registration forms, you will receive a personal email from the
organization. Only with this email your registration is complete and accepted
Pay Attention:
If the available competition time is exceeded due to an excessive number of registrations, registrations will be placed on a reserve list in order of registration.
Do you want to change your registration?
Please use the link that you got by the Google automatic reply.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your files.
Please provide them by sending an email.
More information can be found on our website or within the swimmeet regulations:

Do you still have a question? Please let us know by e-mail!