All numbers are swum as a direct final. The series will be classified on speed of the
subscripted times, with no regard of age. On the 50m and 100m number there will
be a fastes serie per categorie.

For each programmnumber there will be 3 medals per categorie A, B, C, and D.
After the contest charters can be downloaded and printed, this will be available
on the website asap..

It is possible to sleep at the tentcamp in Sint Michielsgestel (package 3).
The organisation will provide tents. Clubs will take care of supervision themselves.
Everyone has to take care for airbed, sleepingbag etc and transportation from the
swimstadion to the tentcamp (approx. 40 km).

For all clubs are lunchpackages available for Saturday and/or Sunday à € 5,00.
These have to be ordered upfront with the subscription mentioned for which day(s)
they are wanted.

Participation clubs are obliged tob ring on both days at least 1 official per 5 swimmer,
2 per 6-10 etcetera and should be pasted on together with the subscription of the
swimmers with all required details as (maiden) name, place of domicile and