ast update januari 26, 2020

Your club wants to participate?

Associations who have serious interest to participate are urged to pre register themselves as soon as possible to E-mail 
These associations have priority in participating because when we reached a large number of participants we can refuse swimmers and / or associations.

The application:
The application must contain the following information :

1 . Name association

2 . Correspondence address with phone number

3 . the estimated number of participants on Saturday and / or Sunday .

Also please a guaranteed amount to be paid at Euro 50.00 : NL75 RABO 0133638030 / BIC RABONL2U attn. J. Minkels Zandstraat 5 , St.Michielsgestel stating : NI2020, club name and contact person. This amount is later deducted from the fee , but will not be returned if not registered.

The subscription for swimmers (package 1 or 2 or single starts) should be at the latest on Friday june 19, 2020 at the disposal of

Subscription by E-mail with Splash.
One file for the 50 mtr pool and one file for the 25 mtr pool, please state in the subject the name of your club and also the version (when alterations are made) e.g.: Zegenwerp subscr. 50 mtr NI2020-version 1. In view of the great number of subscriptions last year this is very important for the organisation.

When the subscription is to large, contestors or clubs can be refused.
This by the judgement of the organisation.

Untill at the latest fridayevening june 26, 2020 before 20.00 uur by mail on the above adres. After that unsubscriptions are charged

The totall subscriptionfee HAS to be received on our bankaccount before june 22, 2020. Cash payments during the contest are not accepted.


Package 1.  - € 
contains 4 starts on saturday OR 4 starts on sunday and free T-shirt

Package 2.  - € 
contains 4 starts on saturday AND 4 starts on sunday and free T-shirt

Package 3. - € 
Overnight for swimmer, accompaniers and officials
Saturday: Barbecue and overnight in Tentenkamp St.Michielsgestel
Sunday:breakfast and lunchpackage